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Are you interested in quality home care at less cost?  Or, do you know a low income Veteran or surviving spouse who could use free funds for home care services? 

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Since 2013, we have provided Veteran families with access to free funds for superior home care and lower-cost private pay options including:

  • Dementia Care 
  • Alzheimer’s Care
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Planned Activities
  • Hygiene, Bathing and Toileting
  • Dressing and Grooming
  • Medical Visits and Notes Taking
  • Transportation
  • Meal Preparation
  • Companionship
  • Laundry
  • Linen Changes
  • Social Interaction
  • Medication Reminding

What Clients Say

Debbie B Designation

They’re great people. When I need them, they’re there and I appreciate them. They help with whatever the needs are.

Elizabeth J Designation

Working with you was a life saver for my dad. I was not worried about him being lonely, having healthy food, or a clean house. It took a burden off of us and allowed him to live comfortably in his house. Everyone was safe, clean, and responsible. I would recommend them to anyone.

Bailey S Designation

Stellar caring service that is much needed and appreciated by all involved. When my WW2 marine grandfather passed, we had no idea he left such a great benefit option behind for my grandmother. When she needed extra home care and we found this organization, they really streamlined any paperwork, and took their time to explain everything in depth.

Roachelle D Designation

I consider them part of our family. They are very considerate and helpful. I need someone who is empathetic, and they have the ability to bond with the person.

Patricia Q Designation

She is like my right hand. She prepares breakfast for me, cleans the house, takes me to the doctor, runs errands, and picks up prescriptions.

    Curantis Health Overview Video

    This 30-second video provides a high-level overview of our company.

    We are in-home caregivers in Denver, CO.  We offer both private pay services and potentially free services for Veterans and their widows through a VA Benefit.

    Please book a 15-minute call to discuss your specific circumstances and needs.   

    We look forward to speaking with you!


    Our chief and highest end is to glorify God and fully enjoy Him forever. In the interim, we will introduce compassion, comfort, and dignity to every person we encounter — young, elderly, disabled, or not, our mission is to serve you like never before!

    “Curantis” pronounced ‘kyur-an-tis’

    In Latin, it means ‘of the caring one’

    At Curantis Health… We are the Caring Ones!

    Who We Are

    We understand most patients needing home care suffer from memory issues and an unsteady gate where ambulation/walking is unstable. 
    We are certified and specially trained in dealing with complications caused by loss of stability and memory loss. We focus on the needs of the patient.
    We are here to help patients and their family members get the care they deserve, and we focus on that every day.
    You can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one or patient is getting the highest level of care and companionship.

    We offer three (3) different Memory Care-focused home care service options below, which include:

    1. Companion Care (CC)

    This is our most affordable and accessible option. With our Companion Care service, you’ll receive social interaction, meal preparation, errands, MD office visits, grocery shopping, laundry, light housekeeping, and more. It’s like having a grown son or daughter in your house that never complains!

    If light daily tasks and housekeeping duties are of concern, then our Companion Care service is the best fit for you. This service isn’t invasive and will allow your loved one to keep independent with added assistance where needed. Many seniors report their appreciation for social interaction to break up the monotony of daily life.

    Plus, it’s a major cost reduction when compared to nursing homes or independent living facilities. To learn more about our affordable rates, contact us today!

    2. Personal Care (PC)

    Our Personal Care service features all of the same great benefits of the Companion Care program, but with some trained help with mobility, bathing-assistance, eating-assistance, incontinence-assistance, and more. This service costs slightly more because the work-load for us is more. The great news is that our staff is trained on how to do these more challenging tasks with your loved one!

    If you feel that your loved one is struggling to maintain basic care necessities on their own, it may be time to consider Personal Care. Our staff will provide support to help your loved one get through their daily tasks more comfortably.

    3. Memory Care (MC)

    Our Memory Care service provides all of the same great features as the Personal Care and Companion Care features, plus personal and undivided attention with those suffering from all forms of memory loss such as Dementia and/or Alzheimer’s. At our seniors’ home care in Denver, we provide memory help coupled with basic care needs.

    This is our most intensive service, since ‘mental stimulation’ is attained throughout the entire shift. Our goals are to interact, start conversations, defer and distract, etc. when communicating with your loved one.

    Working with patients that have Dementia or Alzheimers can be difficult — which is why our team provides the necessary mental stimulation while staying patient during the interaction. This job may be difficult for a loved one to handle, which is why we recommend having a trained staff help with memory care.

    Our Processes

    Initial Phone Call

    During an initial visit, we will discuss your needs and concerns, and we will provide you with a verbal quote over the phone. 

    On-Site Visit

    During the on-site visit, you will be paired with your personal caregiver! If you’re happy with your meeting, we will proceed. 

    Minimum Hours Requirements

    To ensure that your loved one is getting the best service possible, we have the following minimum hours requirements: 

    • 36 hours per month
    • 9 hours per week
    • 2 hours per shift

    CARES Approach

    Our Caregivers are recognized as CARES® Dementia Specialists (C.D.S.), allowing us to respond to related behavior using the CARES® Approach. The letters in CARES® stand for the following:
    C – CONNECT with the person
    A – ASSESS behavior
    R – RESPOND appropriately
    E – EVALUATE what works
    S – SHARE with others (team, family, etc.) 
    No Long-Term Contract 
    • Don’t get tied into a long term contract
    • Try our services and see the benefits for yourself
    • Adjust the schedule as needed for the best care

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    Unlock Comfort. Unlock Curantis.

    Are you ready to prepare your loved one for high-quality, premium at-home care? Our team is ready with the answers and help you need.
    If you are considering in-home services for your loved one, please contact us.


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