About Us

What We Do

We offer discounted home care services on quality care.  We also provide free funds for Veterans and Surviving Spouses who qualify through a VA Benefit that started in the 1950s.  It starts with (1) Initial Phone Call. 

During this call, we can assess the Military Benefits qualification and also provide a comparison quote at up to 15% off your current costs.  If we can’t beat your private pay bill or verified quote by 15%, you will receive a $50 Visa gift card on us!

The next step is (2) Arrange an On-Site Visit where we match you with a potential Caregiver.  You then decide if you would like to start services. 

No Long-Term Contract

We do not make you sign a long-term contract to start care.  Needs change.  Situations change.  We know that and we work hard to keep you informed and to adapt as needed.

Be careful of signing a long-term contract for care before seeing how the services will work for your family. 

Regarding the VA Benefit, we can see if if you qualify based on a phone call.  And, we offer a Military Discount for serving our country! 

We provide care one client at a time and sincerely appreciate you taking time to read our story. Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Our Commitment

Value, support, recognize, and appreciate our greatest asset - our Caregivers.

Continue to be known as the 'Memory Care Specialists' Agency within our community

Develop and maintain positive relationships within the community

Conduct our business in an accountable, transparent and responisble manner

Provide a home care environment that encourages personal enjoyment

Adhere to the professional code of ethics within our industry

Apply continuous quality improvement measures throughout our Agency

Provide solid 1:1 ratio relationships between Caregiver and Client under our guidance

Our Team

Steve Lee

CEO and Founder / CARES Dementia Specialist, CDS

Steve is our CEO and Founder and has been involved within the medical device industry since 1994. He has held Account Executive, Sales Representative and Business Development roles throughout his career. Steve has worked with prestigious medical device companies such as KCI, Smith & Nephew and Celleration over the past several years. He also was the Business Development Manager for TruDiligence, and gained a great understanding in the criminal background industry. In fact, he’s incorporated aggressive background checks through TruDiligence as the gold standard due to his experience. 

Steve is not your ordinary CEO… well, for starters, he can be seen in flip-flops year-round, also he loves OU Football and has made claims that when he bleeds… ‘a little bit of Cream will flow along with the Crimson’ (referring to the Oklahoma Sooners, Crimson and Cream). Most importantly, he is known to shed tears when talking about his clients. Yes, he’s a glorified teddy bear, and his heart is massive just like everyone else on the team. He thrives on compassion and will hug you hard if you’ll let him.

Sandy Brown

Vice President / Memory Loss Care and Veterans Advocate

Sandy Brown comes to Curantis Health with 20+ years of experience working with Veterans and Seniors within the Denver and surrounding community. Sandy worked in a medical doctor’s office for nine years providing patient care, support and referrals. She has volunteered to serve with Disabled Veterans and their families. Sandy has the heart to care for Veterans in part because her father was a WWII Veteran serving in the US Navy in the South Pacific. She feels that the biggest honor of her life was caring for her father when he became ill. Her grandfather served in the Army during WWI, and her nephew is currently serving in the US Army after a tour of duty in Afghanistan. The service of her family throughout the years is a great source of pride for Sandy. She is so proud to work with those who bravely served our country.

Sandy has the attitude that anything is possible for ‘her Vets’ and we’ve seen her go above and beyond her job description in helping Veterans and widows with whatever they need. It’s a pleasure to have her on our team.

Today, Sandy is our Representative that covers the Denver west and south patrons. She is defined by our team as the ‘Queen of Networking’ and we value every aspect of her are thankful she is on our team.

Our History

Curantis Health was founded by two great friends, Steve Lee and Brett Langford in April 2013. They searched for weeks trying to find the perfect business name that they felt best represented the core of who they are and reflects the company’s vision. Thus, because ‘Curantis’ means of the caring one (in Latin), their business name was born. 

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