The Curantis Difference

Our clients constantly refer to our Caregivers as sons and daughters that never complain’ and we pride ourselves on it. We love our Caregivers and we provide specialized training and certifications that separate our employees and our company from the pack. 
Over the years, we’ve perfected the task of hiring good, high-quality, ‘clean’ and compassionate Caregivers within our team. It’s an honor and privilege to get to know ALL the family, not just the client, plus when we use the CARES Approach, it allows us to work together. Yes, it all starts with learning more about the client and family, so we need each other. 
Also, we hire only Primary Caregivers, in which the same Caregiver sees the same patient (s) daily or on every shift. This protocol allows a great relationship to blossom. In other words, we don’t have multiple Caregivers going to multiple resident homes each day, instead it’s a 1:1 ratio because of the close-knit relationships that are being built.  
It’s true, over the years we’ve learned that clients like consistency, good routines and not a lot of ‘unfamiliar’ faces. Instead, they want consistence, a great routine and a familiar face they learn to love… 

Below are key points regarding our vetting protocol, which includes but is not limited to:

• All W2 employees (no contractors)

• Insured & Workers Comp covered

• Receives specialized CARES Dementia Basic Training

• Attends Caregiver Training University (CTU) online

• Must pass 14-panel drug test- upon hire, annual and at random

• Must pass a 1500-point background check- upon hire, annual and at random

• Highest hourly pay in the industry & best retention practices

• Attends annual Christmas party for appreciation and recognition- yes, we try and spoil our Caregivers like no other!

Training and Vetting for our Caregivers

1. Caregiver Training University

We love our Caregivers and work hard to ensure they are equipped with all of the tools and knowledge to provide superior care where others have failed.  Proper training matters. Your loved ones matter.

Caregiver Training University is the first step in ensuring we provide you with superior care and also provide our employees with the tools they need to succeed.  

Our training meets local state (Colorado) Health Department requirements to CTU. Our employees will not step foot in your home until proper training has been taken, passed and verified.

2. Memory Care / Dementia Care Training

Our management team members are nationally recognized as CARES® Dementia Specialists (C.D.S.), and ALL our Caregivers are specifically trained on how to deal with memory loss and how to respond to dementia-related behavior using the CARES® Approach. The acronym or letters in CARES® stand for the following:
C – CONNECT with the person
A – ASSESS behavior
R – RESPOND appropriately
E – EVALUATE what works
S – SHARE with others (team, family, etc.) 
Our team learns through video, audio, and interactive exercises featuring real families, real Caregivers, and real Dementia-Care Experts (no actors) at

3. 1500-Point Background Checks

All background checks are NOT created equal! Since background checks are mandated by the state (Colorado) Health Department, we perform the most aggressive in the industry. We know this from first-hand experience, since our CEO was employed at TruDiligence, a nationally accredited background check and prescreening company located in Lakewood, CO. In fact, we currently use TruDiligence as our primary prescreening company due to their integrity, research methods, fresh data-pulls, pricing, etc. TruDiligence utilizes only ‘source data’ that ensures the background checks are accurate, current and relative. Oftentimes, to save money, other agencies use questionable research methods that may leave you open to harm, at Curantis Health, this is not the case. 
Our background checks include a 1500-point investigation that is best in class. Every caregiver we potentially hire, undergoes the following:
• Identity and previous address verification
• National Sex Offender Registry search
• State and/or County level criminal records for felony and misdemeanor charges
• National Criminal Record search
• DMV Searches for DWI and DUI
• Department of Homeland Security

4. 14-Panel Drug Testing

Prior to ANY employee entering your home, ALL must pass the 14-panel drug test upon hire, annually and at random to continue employment at Curantis Health. 

Did you know drug testing of Caregivers is NOT MANDATORY through the State (Colorado) Health Department? Again, our CEO gave this a huge ‘NO’ when we first opened in 2013. Why? because we understand our vulnerable, fragile clientele, and we’ve enforced the most aggressive drug testing policy from day one. Our solution makes applicants (with previous and/or future bad intentions) most likely to move on and the good ones to move forward. 

In fact, during the interview process, we make it known upfront and crystal-clear that if you have or had any issues with drugs or alcohol, this position is not for you. Again, our goals are to hire only the best and ‘cleanest’ caregivers possible for you or your loved one. We believe our measures are working because we have NEVER had any complaints since 2013 regarding these types of issues.

Click below to learn more about which drugs we test for:

14-Panel Drug Testing

Our Commitment

Value, support, recognize, and appreciate our greatest asset - our Caregivers.

Continue to be known as the 'Memory Care Specialists' Agency within our community

Develop and maintain positive relationships within the community

Conduct our business in an accountable, transparent and responisble manner

Provide a home care environment that encourages personal enjoyment

Adhere to the professional code of ethics within our industry

Apply continuous quality improvement measures throughout our Agency

Provide solid 1:1 ratio relationships between Caregiver and Client under our guidance

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