Companion Care

We have compassionate staff that will be with you at home.

Curantis Health provides companion care services to elderly patients — with full attention given by the experts working at reputed hospitals, physicians, and family members to provide individual attention to each one. 

The services provided by us under this category include meal preparation, running errands, housekeeping, and above all, providing companionship to the concerned person. If you have a loved one who requires assistance for their everyday activities, the companion care provided by us will surely be of great help. Our home care services are designed in such a manner that all the daily requirements of the elderly person will be met at the best possible level. You can trust us with our services as we have the best team of experts who can easily catch up with the needs of the person and can provide them a perfect companionship.

Why choose our Companion Care services?

People at the elderly stages often feel the need for a companion who can give them a helping hand now and again. You will find senior citizens facing elderly isolation where they might issue related to emotional and physical health. Some of them might even start facing age-related problems, which makes it difficult to perform everyday tasks and activities. And for such situations, our home care services provide the much-needed social interaction to the seniors and reduce their burden at the peak age.

The main motive behind our services is to ensure that senior citizens stay comfortable and happy in their homes. Our experts make sure that the concerned person receives peace of mind and lives a healthy life for which we assist them under the guidance of a trained physician. We take care of every specific need of the person and outline the recommendations accordingly.

If you are willing to take our home care services, you are surely in the right direction as we will make sure that the seniors in your home receive the best companionship that would fill their days with joy, happiness, satisfaction, and positive vibes. Connect us with today to share the joy!


Check more about our provided services. Contact us to find out what we have to offer that will fit your needs.

Companion Care Services

Social Interaction

As a senior is living alone, they can begin to feel lonely. If they have limited mobility or a limited social life, social interaction is highly valued.  Our team is committed to improving the quality of life. We provide social interaction services to help keep the mood of your loved one up!

Meal Preparation

Preparing meals can be a challenging task for the elderly, and nutrition is an essential factor of health. Our trained staff helps prepare meals that meet basic nutrition requirements. Rest assured, knowing that your loved one is eating nutritious, home-made food.

Run Errands

Our staff will run basic errands for your loved one to ensure that they have everything that they need. When dealing with health concerns or limited mobility, it can be difficult to get into the public and perform these tasks. Regardless of the errand, we can help!

Medical Visits 

Whether it be for a prescription refill, checkup, or to discuss a concern, an appointment with a doctor cannot be missed. We keep track of important appointments and provide transportation both ways.

Light Housekeeping

Tasks such as laundry and tidying the home can become overwhelming with limited mobility. We will perform light housekeeping tasks to ensure that the household is running smoothly.

Initial Visit

During your first visit, we will discuss what services we can provide in detail. From there, we can determine the best course of action for you and your family.

Leave that up to us! We have a rigorous screening process for all of our staff. We ensure that everyone who works with us can provide premium homecare services while making you and your loved ones feel safe. We pride ourselves on our screening service.

Click here to learn more about our 1500 Point background check service.


Our caregivers are trained to handle emergencies. Should an emergency arise, our team knows how to respond quickly and efficiently. We bring medics onto the scene as soon as possible and the family (if applicable) is notified immediately. 

By staying out of a retirement home, you're avoiding the pricey fee of accommodation and food. This is partly why many seniors attempt to remain at home for as long as possible. 

Yes! Our Companion Care service is the most relaxed service that we offer. Should your loved one require a more hands-on approach, consider the Personal Care or Memory Care service. op a plan that is best suited for you. 

If you know someone who needs such services, then feel free to contact us, and we will suggest a suitable solution to the issues they might need. We take care of every little detail of the person who needs our assistance and tries to make their life easier and happier. Connect with us today!

Assisted living refers to a facility where your loved one would move into for full-time supervision. Homecare allows your loved one to stay in the comfort of their own home with Caregivers (like us) and other homecare nurses assisting with their daily activities.

As a home care agency, we assume all of the financial risks. We are the employers, and we tightly manage our staff to ensure the best service possible is provided. If you hire a private nurse, you become the boss and must manage your own expectations and payroll. 

We provide non-medical services. However, we also provide medical visit transportation, pill organization, check-ups on medication, and we provide note taking to inform family members of the care recommended along with medication updates from physicians.  

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Our Commitment

Value, support, recognize, and appreciate our greatest asset - our Caregivers.

Continue to be known as the 'Memory Care Specialists' Agency within our community

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Conduct our business in an accountable, transparent and responisble manner

Provide a home care environment that encourages personal enjoyment

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Apply continuous quality improvement measures throughout our Agency

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