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Our Mission

Superior Care at Lower Costs

Our mission is to reduce your costs up to 15% while providing superior home care services.

YOU determine your hourly rates by taking 15% off what you are paying to a home care agency right now, or whatever quote you have received from a home care agency!

And, if we can’t reduce your current home care agency bill or home care agency quote by 15%, you’ll get a $50 Visa gift card on us!

New to home care services?  Don’t pay listed hourly prices.  Instead, we encourage you to get a live quote from any home care agency in the Denver, Greeley, or Colorado Springs areas.  Then, call us with your quote and watch us reduce it by 15%!

Client Testimonials

Elizabeth J Designation

Working with you was a life saver for my dad. I was not worried about him being lonely, having healthy food, or a clean house. It took a burden off of us and allowed him to live comfortably in his house. Everyone was safe, clean, and responsible. I would recommend them to anyone.

Bailey S Designation

Stellar caring service that is much needed and appreciated by all involved. When my WW2 marine grandfather passed, we had no idea he left such a great benefit option behind for my grandmother. When she needed extra home care and we found this organization, they really streamlined any paperwork, and took their time to explain everything in depth.

Roachelle D Designation

I consider them part of our family. They are very considerate and helpful. I need someone who is empathetic, and they have the ability to bond with the person.

Patricia Q Designation

She is like my right hand. She prepares breakfast for me, cleans the house, takes me to the doctor, runs errands, and picks up prescriptions.

Debbie B Designation

They’re great people. When I need them, they’re there and I appreciate them. They help with whatever the needs are.

Andy H Designation

Steve Lee and his staff provided expert advice regarding options for my parents. I have known CEO Steve Lee for 40 years and he has a deep commitment and passion for helping aging parents get the help they need. My Dad was an Army Veteran and they have special VA Benefit plans to assist with free money for those that qualify.

    See the Difference - We Don't Pay High Franchise Costs

    We don’t pay high franchise costs, and we pass the savings on to you!  Unfortunately, with most franchise models, the agency pays fixed costs and they also share revenues with the franchisor.  Those funds have to come from somewhere.  And, the end client sees those hidden costs in their monthly bill.

    We do things differently.  Since 2013, we have provided superior care at lower costs using hired W-2 employees rather than contractors coming and going from your house.  We believe the Caregiver and client relationship is very important, and we work to provide consistency and companionship for your home care needs.  We work to provide superior care at lower costs, and you see the differences in how our program works.


    The Savings Add Up (3 Year Example)

    As an example, see the difference in costs for just 3 years of home care services.  The savings add up substantially over time.

    Current 3 Year Current Costs – $40 per Hour – 10 Hours Per Week = $62,400

    New 3 Year Costs -$34 per Hour – 10 Hours Per Week =  $53,040

    Savings Of $9,360!!

    Contact Us Today

    Are you curious to learn more?  Please don’t hesitate to contact us using one of the phone numbers listed below for your service area.  We look forward to speaking with you!

    Denver: (303) 376-3488

    Greeley: (970) 400-7062

    Colorado Springs: (719) 284-2143


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